Coolant Monitoring  System

The COOLANT MONITORING  system provides precise and repeatable servo controlled nozzle adjustment for the aiming of cutting fluids, compressed air, or MQL - referred to collectively as “coolant”.  It is used primarily on three to five axis CNC vertical or horizontal machining centers, and boring mills.  

 In a machining process, coolant nozzle adjustments are required in order to optimize coolant delivery to multiple cutting tools of varying length and / or cutting characteristics such as endmills, drills, and taps. To accomplish this, each  nozzle can be set to a fixed angle, or to continuously sweep (oscillate) between two different angles.  

Although these can be “programmed” for certain applications, the vast majority of our customers prefer our super easy teach mode.  In teach mode, a single adjustment knob is used to visually set either fixed or oscillating sweep cycles for each tool.  These coolant positions are automatically memorized without the need for any actual CNC “programming”.   

System  kit consists of  nozzle and manifold assembly, control unit, cable & interface kit and encoder adjustment knob.

An adjustment knob located safely outside the machine enclosure is used to teach nozzle settings once for each tool.  All settings are automatically memorized..

No more stopping the machine

and Setting Coolant pipe Manually


  • Faster setup and cycle time

  • Improved chip evacuation

  • Longer tool life 

  • Unattended machining

  • Safer work environment


  • Single or dual nozzle 

  • Easy to use

  • Compact & versatile

  • Proven reliability

  • Two year warranty


  • Works with flood coolant

  • Straight cutting oil

  • MQL or compressed air 

  • Standard up to 300 p.s.i.

  • High Pressure 1,000 p.s.i.

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REDUCE  Machining Cost