INDUSTRY 4.0 Software

(Smart Factory Solutions based on IIoT)

The ‘Factory of the Future’ is no longer a distant ideal. It’s a very real, achievable vision that’s available to all companies that are ready to embrace the technologies behind Industry 4.0. Now is the best time to refresh your manufacturing enterprise and take the complexity out of your path to a smarter factory with a single, affordable operations management solution that supports all your critical production activities



Machine Monitoring

Monitoring  combines   both  automatic  data collection  via   signals  from   the   machine   tool  and   a   simple   user  interface  that  enables  the   operator  to  manually   select  downtime   reason   codes   recording   the   categorization   of   the   losses.   The   automated   data   capture   provides    measurement    accuracy    and   speed   benefits,  whilst   the  operator  input  enriches   the   data   with   a   fuller   picture   of  your   resource   availability   for   the  real  insight.




Scheduler  provides   a powerful  and easy to use  production  planning    and  scheduling solution    that        generates  achievable schedules,  based on  real-life  factory   constraints. It     allows you to easily create  what-if    scenarios    using     the simple  drag   and drop feature     and    to dynamically     update    available     capacity  by   reducing  or  increasing  the number of  available hours on   each resource, providing  immediate  visibility  of  the  impact  of  changes

WIP Booking



SFDC is a robust real time factory data collection solution, supporting more transparent, effective and efficient works order processing. It enables you to have a view of your true capacity for planning work throughput. Prioritized work-to-lists give the operator forward visibility of the planned workload and graphical reporting, with detailed historical analysis of all the operations for individual works orders, supports performance improvement initiatives.



Analysis provides a clear, consistent and easy to use set of performance reporting tools that support data driven lean and continuous improvement strategies. It can help you to reduce waste, monitor trends, forecast business opportunities and optimize the utilization of existing resources. The drive towards operational excellence starts with a beer understanding of your data, making it available to the right people at the right me to make informed decisions.

Machine Monitoring

  • It allows you to connect every machine to see and understand how your entire shop floor is performing.​

  • Each status change can be captured automatically (e.g. cycle start or alarm condition) via digital signals received from the machine tool, providing continuous recording of production times.

  • Operators can manually enter additional operating conditions and status changes, capturing the reasons for the machine being in a non-productive state using the simple touch buttons.

  • Where the Feedrate and Spindle Override data is available, the system records when a machine has been running in a non-optimal condition

  • All activities are recorded in the audit trail for full traceability of all machine activities.

  • We can support a dual installation of direct Ethernet based machine data acquisition and traditional digital I/O for legacy equipment, as well MT Connect, OPC and other machine specific protocol

Planning &  Scheduling

  • Increase resource efficiency, Reduce lead times.

  • Reduce costs by minimizing stock and inventory

  • Get early indications of potential problems and take corrective action to avoid late deliveries

  • Respond quickly to changes with real time visibility of live production information and KPI performance analysis

  • Identify untapped production capacity to respond positively to new sales opportunities

  • Reduce outsourcing by maximizing the utilization of your existing resources

  • Revitalize and enrich your ERP system with detailed manufacturing process information, from start to delivery

  • Avoidance of production bottlenecks. Greater visibility and communications

  • Responsiveness to new or rush orders

  • Increased customer service levels

  • See the live ripple effect of any operations not starting on time